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10 Ways to Bring Employees Back to the Office

Laurent Baillot
June 7, 2023

The Post-COVID Workplace

COVID-19 revolutionized the way we work, with remote setups becoming the new norm. However, as we step into a new era, corporations are reminded of the unique advantages of the office environment for collaboration, productivity, and creativity. CEOs want employees to return willingly, drawn by an attractive workplace rather than through mandates.

1. Food, food, food

We spoke with 50+ workplace managers trying everything to lure people back to the office, and nothing beats a free lunch! Choose quality vendors, and schedule some diversity in the cuisine offered.

2. Office Events

82% of Business Leaders say getting back to the office in person is a concern - Harvard Business Review

Employees with long commute need special occasions to come to the office. Activities help team members bond and are worth spending 2 hours in a car for. Don't reinvent the wheel, but aim for offer original events that employees will want to tell their friends about: Special Coffee Tasting, Candle Making Workshop, Yoga Class... Bonus points if the events are led by local vendors!

3. Perks That Spark Joy

Elevate the office perks game to delight your employees. Perks don't have to just be free snacks - address body and mental health with on-site yoga classes, massage sessions, or even therapy animals for stress relief and improved well-being. A happy and healthy workforce eagerly anticipates their time spent in the office.

4. Celebrate Collaboration

Gamify office collaboration - let employees send public kudos on slack or other public channels. Reward most helpful team members with monthly prizes. Put in place rituals that foster teams getting together.

5. Foster Community Engagement

A candle making event brought 12 Hubspot employees back to the San Francisco office - they all met in person for the first time!

Transform the office into a hub of community engagement. Organize team-building activities, volunteer days, or local charity events. By coming together to make a positive impact, employees will form stronger bonds and feel a sense of purpose that extends beyond the workplace. Check out Spaciously's vetted local partners.

6. Office Makeover

If you haven't already, say ciao to cubicles. Create inspiring spaces with cozy seating, colorful artwork, and uplifting decor. Add greenery, maximize natural light, and incorporate comfortable breakout areas to foster collaboration and stimulate fresh ideas.

7. Embrace Playfulness

Inject a sense of fun and playfulness into the workplace! Set up game rooms, organize friendly competitions, or plan regular social events. Happy hours, team trivia nights, or even karaoke sessions help employees unwind, foster friendships, and strengthen their sense of belonging.

8. Personalized Growth Opportunities

Demonstrate a genuine interest in your employees' personal and professional development. Offer workshops, mentorship programs, and opportunities for continuous education. Encourage them to pursue their passions and provide support for learning new skills or exploring different career paths.

9. Hybrid Spaces for the Modern Workforce

85% of employees would be motivated to go into the office to rebuild team bonds- Harvard Business Review

Incorporate flexible, hybrid spaces that seamlessly blend the comfort of remote work with the advantages of in-person collaboration. Invest in top-notch video conferencing technology, interactive displays, and virtual whiteboards to effortlessly connect remote and in-office employees.

10. Inspire Meaningful Connections

Create platforms for cross-departmental communication and collaboration. Implement internal social networks, online discussion forums, or idea-sharing platforms to facilitate connections, break down silos, and encourage employees to exchange insights and expertise.

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