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S+C Candles and Crafts products are made of all-natural soy wax using the highest quality of fragrances. They also make home-pigmented concrete candle vessels and home decor.
Utku Kids was inspired by its founder's Peruvian origins and her motherhood experience.
Already Mine™ is a luxury vegan fashion brand ​dedicated to elevating your vibe whenever wherever you carry the accessories with you.
Funny and subversive soy wax candles handmade in Brooklyn. Best selling names include Condescending Barista, Santa's First Wife, and Fuck It, I'm Buying a Cabin.
A line of sustainability-based accessories for the home & body. Hand-made, one-of-a-kind, mateiral-specific capsule collections.
It's Nola is inspired to make the world a healthier place by creating healthy granola snack bites that are chewy, Plantbased, perfectly portioned, compact and full of audacious flavor.
SixtyEightColors is the home of cute illustrations and written cuddles that will bring a smile to your face. It connects loved ones through heartfelt messages.
Hault is a men’s skincare line inspired by the desert. They believe in the healing power of the desert to focus on mental health and skin health.
Born in China, raised in Tokyo and now based in NYC, Riverside Wrapping Co. founder combines cultural influences with traditional Japanese techniques. Handcrafted with care, their accessories bring joy and sophistication to every gift.
Binata Millinery is a hat label that focuses on old-world craftsmanship to help the fashion-forward turn their daily outfits into head-turners.
The Rural Roots collection combines elements of the designer's rural heritage with vibrant colors and patterns inspired by diverse cultures and the natural world.
A woman-owned and operated company offering authentic Indian Chai that is hand-ground and blended in San Francisco.
Jay Rotz is the first firefighter-owned edible cookie dough company in the Bay Area and Sacramento area. They sell 100% safe-to-eat edible cookie dough and other tasty treats.
ShungaLife offers products made from shungite, a rare mineral that formed about 2.5 billion years ago in the Karelia region of Russia, where it has been used for centuries in various healing practices.
Each candle is made with a whole lot of love! Each cement vessel is hand poured by me before creating a nontoxic candle inside.
Diana Ralys Skin Health products and Radiance Wellness Spa services provide effective results through organic and natural ingredients and high-quality beauty equipment.
Olive Lou bracelet~hair ties are designed to empower women & girls. They are engraved with positive messages that encourage happiness and confidence. Words have power and so do the women & girls who wear them.
Pezzy Pets is an Acari Fish brand based in Berkeley, California. Acari is working with small-scale fishermen to turn the tide against the hated, invasive fish species.
A Mother-Daughter team that believes self-care resonates with Balance and Gravity of your well-being. They offer 100% Soy Wax candles embedded with crystals and plant essence and customized Natural and Druzy stone jewelry.
A female owned and operated, ethically made alternative lifestyle apparel brand that is exclusively sourced, designed and manufactured locally in NYC.
Tiny Soap Diary is a plant based body care brand based in California that focuses on wellness. Carefully formulated and thoughtfully made, our versatile collection of products are not only designed to nourish your skin but also the mind, body and soul.
Each product is handmade, down to the labels, with ingredients that you could eat if it weren't for the essential oils used in them. Everything I make is to help you feel good. Your rejuvenation and wellbeing is my top priority.
I advocate for healing and mental health. I do reiki and make and sell medicinal teas to help with anxiety, depression, acid reflux and hormones and stress. My mission is to promote sustainability and wellness.
Simple, pure, and organic healthcare brand, making toothpaste that is bone-strengthening, immunity-supporting, and energy-boosting of vitamins D3 and B12.
We make classic and chic bags that are sustainable, vegan and unisex. We believe in "less is more" and produce products in limited quantity.
The Afropolitan Shop aims to celebrate African designers and artisans for their prolific and imaginative handiwork while giving them access to the global market.
We handmake jewelry in NYC using sustainable solid 14k gold and sterling silver. Each item is packed in our signature reusable tin.
Promoting peace, freedom, and green living through art. Hoping to inspire these qualities in our youngest generations to help make our world a better place for everyone.
Adelyn SF's collections are wardrobe staples for wearing year-round. Thoughtfully created and ethically produced in small batches in San Francisco.
A Curated Collective - Malt + Stone is a passion project brought together by women in business and their creations and then curated with a clothing collection.
The vision of Chee Lee Designs is the design of classic, timeless, wearable works of art that fuse clean lines of geometric sculpture with a spiritual essence classifying and branding a selection of our neckpieces as amulets and talismans, made to protect.
Janelle, the designer of Brasini Swimwear, produces her collections in small batches in New York City, with inspiration from her own personal style and beach life in Brasil.
Hats, headpieces and hair accessories for the everyday goddess hand-made with real crystals & gemstones.
Lacson Ravello is a small-capsule clothing brand that is thoughtful in every aspect of our business. From our local design and production, to our responsibly-sourced materials, to our timeless fit and styles, we are mindful makers.
Lianna Soap was founded by two sisters. Their business is an extension of our home and love for those around us and the planet.
Yoga Mat Tie helps you keep your objects and life organized. Yoga Mat Tie is deeply committed to sustainability and supporting local and minority-owned businesses.
Jessica Irwin, the owner and creator behind Violet Moon Jewelry, makes jewelry for adventure seekers, using high-quality materials made to last for years!
Prismatips sells designer non-toxic and vegan nail wraps that provide accessible nail art to everyone.
Demby | Co offers a collection of eco-luxury interior fragrance products.
An approach to Design that is focused on thoughtfulness towards materials and the environment, Bridget Parris Couturier's Collections are Made to Order in NYC.
Hannah is a print and fiber artist residing in Queens, NY. Using tufting as her primary creative medium has allowed her to explore her interest in nature, queer identity, and the ways in which we self-soothe.
CHABELLA provides contemporary womenswear & accessories that are fashion-forward and sustainable, including signature tailored shirts and dresses.
Nettie’s Knowledge is a multifaceted M/WBE certified organization that spreads knowledge, builds confidence, and promotes natural beauty.
Xsilk is a New York City based design studio making one-of-a-kind, handmade apparel and accessories.
Carlton Jones is inspired by resort style that's functional in a metropolitan city. Resort isn't a destination, it's a FEELING*
Penrose Apothecary is a small fragrance house that creates niches perfumery and hand poured candles. Their mission is create a cozy place to create genuine connections and unforgettable moments.
Mompers are rompers designed for the modern mom, maternity and beyond. They even make matching rompers for kids too!
Ruth Nathan’s is a purveyor of fine bow ties, matching wrapped earrings, pocket squares, and lapel flowers made for the Urban Peacock.
The founder of AGNI NY is a registered nurse with Crohn's Disease. She sees stress as a common thread between illness and healing. Her brand is an array of artisanal holistic items to inspire others to relax for wholeness in their hectic lives.
City Boy Coffee introduces their customers to the world through coffee. Every month, they feature coffee from a different place in the world.
OBdeC Studio®️ is design, passion and style that goes beyond fashion. It is purposeful handmade jewelry.
Sololi is a Latina Owned small company that’s dedicated to changing the way people shop we use traditional techniques and materials just as it was done by our ancestors.
Terese Sydonna is the brand fighting fashion’s inauthenticity crisis by empowering women to be more of themselves through designs that reflect how they feel, who they are and where they are going.
Ojala Threads offers unique gift items and books inspired by the first people to encounter Columbus, the Tainos.
Ayala Naphtali is a contemporary jewelry designer, with a studio in East Williamsburg Brooklyn. Ayala uses a wide variety of recycled materials in her work, including dyed coconut shells and seed pods, bamboo set in sterling silver with semi-precious stones, 18k gold, and rubber.
Maurice bakes small-batch varieties of chocolate chip cookies. His recipes come from his mother, who was raised in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, helped raise her 7 siblings and baked pies, cakes and cookies from scratch.
Created by hand using eco-friendly materials, Hooks & Luxe's accessories are perfect for when you want to add a little dainty sparkle to your daily life.
Whisk'd NYC was inspired by Sherry's childhood memories. She spent many summers in South Korea and wanted to capture those memories and honor her heritage by creating a matcha pancake mix of her own.
Scent by Heaven makes unique hand-crafted scented candles and specializes in dessert candles.
Katerina enjoys working with her hands to create simple, beautiful, colorful, wearable pieces for people to enjoy.
Mana Made is a NYC-based brand founded by Amanda ‘Mana’ Paulsen. Each piece of jewelry is designed by Mana and handcrafted using recycled metals.
Tom Foolery's women's drop-seat jumpsuits are designed to spare ladies from going free bird on the porcelain. Their recently patented jumpsuits are made locally from eucalyptus Tencel and bamboo knit.
FyffeDavis is a mother and daughter duo pushing to make luxury crochet a thing.
We are a small-batch skincare empowering our clients to live a cleaner, more authentic life - one cruelty-free product at a time.
Founded in New York City and inherently cultured, FANG is a gender-expansive fashion line that aims to redefine the relationship between fashion and gender, and explores the dichotomy between femininity and masculinity.
Shaya is a luxury pet accessories brand made for pets and designed for their humans. We handcraft products from start to finish in Italy.
The collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings aims to complete simplistic and minimalist outfits by creating an accentuation of the silhouette’s lines using geometric shapes and bright contrasting colors.
Nic Hyl Clothing love making people feel beautiful in their skin and helping them to recognize their own, unique beauty
An Eco Fashion brand with a mission to Recreate The Created by upcycling fabric to reduce textile waste. They recreate clothes that are multifunctional, comfortable, and environmentally responsible.
Lilaque offers plant-based nail care products. Trained as a Chemical Engineer, Julie has been inspired to use her skill set to create sustainable formulations from new ingredients and approaches to product development.
"Do you know those classic feather pens? They're called Quill. And so are we. The pens are delicate but powerful and timeless at the same time. So is our jewelry."
Rebecca Rae Design Inc. is an independent company with a mission to create conversation beyond the norms of politeness through clothing and textile art. Gender-inclusive fashion for the planet.
Jewelry Made Different: WENWEN designs was created for those who seek the unconventional and dare to be different. Their inspiration is found in the coalescence of opposing worlds, where modern meets traditional, technology meets handmade, East meets West.
Maison AMC Paris est une marque parisienne de prêt-à-porter féminin. La marque se distingue par des volumes généreux, des matières de grande qualité et des finitions soignées.
Seawoof creates beautiful, premium-quality dog products from fishing nets, plastic bottles, and textile waste. They have a zero-waste, circular supply chain and remake used items into new ones.
BeeLoved offers a variety of honey, jams, and tea (including a tea product line for kids) made with natural and best-quality ingredients.
Golden Coast Candle Co. creates simplistic, clean burning, and high-quality products. They use 100% American-grown organic soy wax, premium all-natural cotton wicks, and the finest fragrance oils.
Art for One strives to convey the wonder of a being—human, animal, or object—in each illustration.
Panneau Blanc is an inclusive young brand of luxury limited-edition silk scarves made with an innovative savoir-faire.
Nectar Nectar New York is an intentional global hive anchoring women's economic independence through artisanal gemstone jewelry that celebrates women's divinity.
CQC brings customers the loveliest, heartwarming clothing, quilts, rugs, and floor cushions. It is dedicated to feeding malnourished children in India.
Founded by biochemist and environment activist, Monique Kofsky, B+L provides sustainable solutions for the kitchen and bath.
A loose leaf tea company, specializing exclusively in cultivar-specific, vintage-specific, and terroir-specific teas from China's most historic and prestigious origins.
Firebird Kids is challenging fast fashion by improving the quality and sustainability of children’s clothing. They offer modern yet timeless designs made to last through endless adventures.
Personalized, high-quality jewelry provides a meaningful way to wear and embrace your story. Handcrafted with love in NYC.
Dapper House Menagerie is a unique collection of fiber goods intended for the eclectic, colorful, and sacred spaces we call home.
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