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Fable Pets is a NYC-based business that is dedicated to making safe, functional, durable and beautiful products that enhance the lives of both animals and their humans. From hands-free leashes to wooden crates to stimulating enrichment toys, Fable's dog gear is designed with the highest quality standards to keep your favorite companion safe, nurtured and engaged.
Stride Soles is the first direct to consumer insole company that offers podiatrist prescribed orthotics without the doctor visit. Using our easy to use app, consumers can scan their feet and get a pair of fully custom orthotics directly to their door. We can customize the orthotics by color, shoe type, sport, pain levels, fitness, and many more!
Annie’s T Cakes is an Asian American, woman-owned business making vegan Asian snacks and desserts in Oakland, CA. Since its founding in January 2021, Annie’s T Cakes has partnered with organizations of all sizes, recently making custom almond cookies for A24 Films premier of Everything Everywhere All At Once. All products are handmade with a mission to create a more culturally diverse and ecologically sound food space.
Handmade accessories inspired by the colors of lifestyle and fashion NYC 🗽🚕 100% high quality’ recycled materials ♻️
CARRY KISMET was birthed from the idea that items should be made to last. All of our totes are handcrafted in small batches by KISMET artisans. Our products really speak for themselves: you can feel and see the amount of attention and detail that goes into each KISMET piece.
We are mother and daughter duo. We created Bell's Reines whose sole purpose is to spread love and happiness through everything we bake by using the highest quality of nut-free ingredients. Our heritage and kitchen baked style of sweets are made with real eggs, real butter, which are low in sugar, low in fat and are always free of artificial preservatives, and artificial flavors.
We create incredibly beautiful, invisibly thin, extremely comfortable washable and reusable eco friendly leakproof fashion underwear that fully replaces the need for single-use disposable hygiene products. Made with patented luxury recycled fabrics and certified toxin free giving you that top drawer feel of fashion and confidence on any day of the month.
The Ora Ana Mansion Collection consists of sterling silver based, gold vermeil, semi-precious gemstone adorned jewelry. It's a brand born out of passion, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the art of jewelry-making.
My calligraphy and illumination uses historical styles and techniques to express modern sentiments. I make art that’s funny and delightful, that brings smiles to people’s faces and joy to their day.
Mumu Bath is an AAPI woman owned, all natural bath and body company. Mū-Mū is a harmonic blend of the Mandarin words “bath” and “tree." Our products are a celebration of the finest natural ingredients and of the founder’s Taiwanese heritage. We ethically source tea and floral ingredients from farms in Taiwan and we make our products locally in New York.
We're dedicated to bringing you the most authentic and soulful cup of steaming Chai with a delicate balance of various herbs and spices. We offer two iconic chai blends - masala chai and kesar (saffron) chai, which are made with 100% natural Assam & Darjeeling black tea, with generous amounts of fresh spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove, saffron, mace, nutmeg and more!
Concrete Garden Candles provides stylish & mood-enhancing candle decor for our customers so that they can curate spaces that make them feel good. Using the skills that my mom taught me as a crafter, I found that I could create products that helped me express to others to be intentional about having fun and taking care of themselves.
At Pezel, we believe puzzles shouldn't be boring - they should be a non-stop dopamine rush bringing a satisfying feeling of accomplishment with every match. Enjoyed with a glass of wine, a great playlist, or a movie marathon - a Pezel Puzzle makes an ordinary night feel like a party.
At M2Ü NYC, we believe that high-quality makeup should be affordable for everyone. Our skincare-infused makeup line is easy-to-use, vegan, cruelty-free, and clean, empowering people to be their confident and fun selves without breaking the bank.
doosra makes Indian-inspired snacks with sweet, indulgent twists. Think sweet & savory trail mixes and a milk chocolate & South Indian plantain chip bark. doosra is decidedly different and completely craveable.
Tembo NYC is a woman owned sustainable brand. Tembo NYC donates 5% of the profit to the cause highlighted in the design. Our cotton goods are handsewn in NYC by a women's sewing cooperative. Tembo NYC is sold at museums and fine travel retailers.
We have custom-blended herbal teas infused with kava root, a plant-based root found in the Pacific Islands that offer benefits that provide calmness and stress relief. We are providing custom blended herbal teas infused with kava, a plant-based root found in the Pacific Islands that offer benefits that provide calmness and stress relief. Our flavors pay homage to my culture and heritage of the islands :)
Bubbly Moon Naturals illuminates you body & lifestyle with naturally crafted vegan + cruelty-free sustainable products.
We carefully select EF color and VS purity lab-grown diamonds, and set them in 14k gold to blend luxe with purpose. Each piece of Itara lab-grown jewelry reflects our commitment to building a sustainable future. Honest, ethical and contemporary, we're bringing you diamonds without the conflict. Our styles range from everyday, to cocktail wear placing versatility at the heart of our design.
Made in Italy Handbag & Accessories Brand. Features interchangeable components such as bag panels, handles, and bag organizers that allow you to literally build your own bag. Bags and accessories such as crossbody bags, backpacks, wallets, laptop totes, phone bags, etc.
In Reverence Of is a slow oil perfumery aiming to foster a sense of ease, escape, and an elevated soul offering natural fragrances with a focus on timeless scents, responsibly sourced oils, and resins encouraging behavioral change & sustainable consumption through scent. All fragrance ingredients are sustainably sourced, carcinogen, cruelty & pthalate free, vegan.
Khunpa is a fair-trade Etsy shop that sells ethically made alpaca products such as blankets and ponchos from Ecuador. The Andes and years of tradition have inspired us to bring iconic and organic materials to incorporate it into our everyday life while supporting our artisans and their unique craft.
Whirlybird Mfg. is a small NYC company, which makes high-quality shirts and jackets for men and women that have a timeless style and are meant to last a lifetime.
The Boba Family is a duo-artist collective by Yanz and Iris who create heartfelt drawings about the experience we all share being human. We carry postcards, prints, and some other fun stuff.
Patent of Heart is a fashion accessories brand that is on a mission to raising awareness about women's education. For every sale made, a percentage is donated towards supporting women's education. By choosing Patent of Heart, you not only embrace stylish and high-quality accessories, but also contribute to a noble cause. Together, we can empower women through education.
Our founder, Elena Whitebay-Fram was raised in Chinatown and has been exposed to many various ways of healing that turned her journey towards reiki healing, aromatherapy, and herbalism. This has brought her to the stage of opening up a wellness space that connects the many paths that connect with ancestral roots
SoaPen creates playful products to enhance kids' sensory experience. By incorporating play into daily life, we foster cognitive growth and encourage joyful experimentation. Our hero product, SoaPen is a colorful soap-filled pen that kids can draw with before scrubbing up! SoaPen's gentle and stain free formula was designed to make sure kids wash their hands for 20 to 40 seconds to get all that colorful soap drawing off.
We are an essential oil based skincare and wellness products company. Clean beauty and family health and wellness are core values for our brand. We strive to increase knowledge of the importance of self care both physically and emotionally.
Home fragrance line offering luxury and casual collections of candles, room sprays, diffusers and accessories. Check out the website for sustainability, traceability and responsible manufacturing practices.
Claudiana Beautanica is a woman~owned small business which I founded following my certification in advanced organic and natural skincare formulation. Our high~performance products are developed by me to serve our customers with deeply nourishing and effective plant~based ingredients and cosmeceuticals formulated into multi~purpose Bodycare solutions.
Glowing skin with a bump of happy! Koloré is an aromaceutical skincare line handcrafted with uplifting scents and naturally vivid colors to elevate your mood and restore healthy, gorgeous skin. All driven by plant-based ingredients.
Zola Athletics provides high-quality performance apparel in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. Their fabrics are made from recycled polyester, organic cotton, and other sustainable materials that are gentle on the environment.
eden & zoe is a clothing brand for children and adults. Our collections include knitted and sewn clothing and accessories, made in small quantities to ensure quality and exclusivity.
Founder Hannah Hunt used to sell schiffli embroidery, laces and trims for many manufacters like Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson for over a decade. In creating HannahBandanah, she wanted to merge her love for quality fashion and trim with her training as a ski instructor. Today, Hannahbandanah is a quick grab and go fashionable head covering to be used at any times for all of life's moments as a quick fix to every hair problem you've ever had.
We are a brand of swim and resort wear based in NYC. We offer a collection of beach to brunch swimwear, as well as accessories that are made in partnership with various female artisans in our community. The brand was founded in 2011. The Founder, Melinda, is an alum of swimwear great Norma Kamali.
Handmade jewelry made to last forever. Tarnish resistant as well as permanent jewelry, the new hottest trend. We custom size the bracelets to the customers liking and zap it permanently shut, no need to remember to put on jewelry when you leave the house.
Our Taino Cufflinks are handmade by partnering artisans in the Dominican Republic. Each is enveloped in a box perfect for safekeeping, because your housemates will try and steal these.
Let’s face it, the greeting card industry lacks representation. How many times have you been unable to find the perfect card for your loved one? … Yeah, me too. LUCIA DIAZ’s greeting cards are more than just stationery, they are products that celebrate the achievements, milestones, lifestyles, and holidays of our Latinx cultures. Somos diosas, and we are powerful and worthy of recognition and magnification.
We design and sell unique and beautiful art-inspired textiles for your table and home. Designed in nyc, produced in portugal, the prints are intended for celebrating around the table with friends and family.
With a love for different, unique, yet great smells, Ariel's Candle Shop was born! Named after my middle name, the shop specializes in high quality scented candles and unique crafted wax melts made with premium fragrances and essential oils. All candles are hand poured and scents are inspired by great "Vibes" in my life that I love and have experienced through lifestyle, food, and travel.
Oat-based and zero-waste skin + body care products created for the need of sensitive skin and the love for ocean. Founded in Brooklyn in 2021 by Sally Qiu, a certified organic skincare formulator and climate policy researcher.
Our pieces are all carefully curated to give everyone the chance to feel stylish. Everyone can treat themselves without feeling guilty after a purchase. Each item is currently made out of 925 sterling silver. Pieces can be solely silver or gold plated with simulated diamonds.
Handmade one of a kind jewelry and wall jewelry ( art) with an organic feel
Clean, cruelty-fee, artisan skincare since 2010. Susan started making skin care products for herself because she wanted chemical-free and fragrance-free beauty care suitable for her sensitive skin. Handmade and packaged by Susan in New York City.
Meaningful, uncommon jewelry to empower your energy. Gems, talismans, vintage and new elements layer to tell your story. All jewelry originally designed and handmade by Amy Delson with love in NYC.
Hannahbandanah is a local manufacturer of fashionable bandanas in great prints. The worry-free wearability is key as the elastic back allows for a hands-free, no tying necessary, grab-and-go experience. The tailoring allows for a custom-fit appearance.
I am blend tea to taste like desserts. My blends change, depending on the season. I use all natural ingredients. Teazerttea is delicious and a great alternative to juices and sodas but also satisfies that sweet tooth craving
Founded by Choua, Ali & Dana, Cali & Dana designs life’s essentials for the modern day woman. At Cali & Dana, our design philosophy is about the fit, but always making it fashion. We take pride in our pieces that are locally sourced and handmade here in NYC such as our Kimono Inspired Throws and Brooklyn Dresses.
Moodie Vibes began with a need for self care as a single Mother. My love affair with candles began as the flame & fragrance allowed for a space to just be, to decompress, to visit old memories or simply a short trip to another land. As a maker, I hand craft in small batches using safe, clean ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. As a mom, I hand pour each candle with the intention of creating a self care experience for all but especially for Mothers, givers and nurturers. The Scent of Self Care.
Air & Weather Perfume is a small, niche New York-based perfumery where fragrances are made in small batches by the perfumer. Our first release, Linden, is an uplifting and serene floral that was inspired by the tree blossoms in New York's Stuyvesant Square Park.
I am inspired by the beauty of semi-precious stones. I create jewelry to celebrate the mundane, and the ordinary creating handmade jewelry for the contemporary woman with a touch of nostalgia.
At What a Cutie, we specialize in customize, made to order dog gears that are stylish, waterproof, stink-proof, and super easy to clean!  We want to provide dog owners with dog accessories that are not only functional but also fashionable, so they don’t have to choose in between the two. 
Greensicle is a retail and wholesale frozen dessert company that specializes in producing fresh green juice ice pops, apple cider and cider-flavor donuts. Since 2022, we've focused on offering vegan ice pops in a variety of fruit & vegetable flavors.
Our signature linen robe set is made out of 100% pure linen. Linen fabric is made from the cellulose fibers that grow inside of the stalks of the flax plant — created to be soft, breathable, and durable. 
Art by Nethery is an umbrella of products all handmade and illustrated by Nethery Engblom. Her work is often inspired by creatures, city life, and everyday events. She creates a variety of work including ceramic functional art as well as illustrated stationery and other handmade treasures.
YAPA makes beautiful 100% baby alpaca knitwear designed in New York +ethically made in Bolivia.Our knits are basic pieces with a fun twist meant to last
Handmade polymer clay jewelry made in a LIC studio aka my bedroom corner. Lightweight, durable and one of a kind. Made in microbatches with a percentage of profits going to charity. $2600+ donated so far.
Pawsome pets New York is leading pets store and focusing on modern,stylish,high quality pets accessories and products
Come slow down & embrace the small but mighty power of a handwritten letter. Sandesa is a NYC-based stationery brand that’s crafted to celebrate art & playfulness, and we’re reimagining the handwritten letter experience for both senders and receivers. From letters that transform into origami sculptures to color-in postcards, Sandesa strives to ignite the spark of creativity and fun in anyone.
We are a soy wax candle company that is proudly LatinaX and Queer owned! Our candles are all made in small batches at our store in Bushwick Brooklyn and we combine cheeky names with Spotify playlists and cocktail recipes to customize each scent and get the party started in your home! Since starting in 2020 during the pandemic we have also launched an essential oil diffuser line, hand blended loose leaf tea line, and incense stick/cone line that is NYC themed.
HappiHello is a New York City-based handcrafted stationery studio blending meticulous paper craftsmanship with playful watercolor illustration. Design Values - Handmade - One of a kind artworks that no email or text can replace. - Classy - Designs that are as lovely as the messages that will go inside. - Delightful - Create joy through cards that are worth keeping forever.
We wanted to make a better candle. One with no dyes, toxins, carcinogens, phthalates and all the other bad things that are released from burning a generic candle. Our candles are handmade from beeswax with crackling wooden wicks and we would love everyone to experience them!
Scully’s Wonderful Stuff Inc. is the first “Farm to Armpit” all natural personal products company. All our products are made in small batches at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We are a 4th generation family owned company dedicated to creating organic, chemical free personal products that actually work.
Gourmet bath, body and spa products with a feline spin! Flirty, safe, funky and fun! Get your purr on with Honeycat Cosmetics!
Sincerely, Bädé is a brand born in Harlem that places a strong emphasis on body wellness. Our mission is to provide customers with small-batch body care products that are specifically designed to relieve, relax, and renew the body, all while being inclusive of diverse cultural personal care practices. In addition to our range of in-house wellness products such as oils, lotions, scrubs, candles, and more, we also offer hands-on workshops that provide customers with a unique, in-person wellness experience. Our workshops are designed to educate and elevate one's self-care routine, with a focus on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
BLK BY AMINA is a Faith based lifestyle brand that encourages the unleashing of the light that shines within the QBIPOC community through authenticity and acceptance. Every item in the BLK BY AMINA line — the name a nod to her grandmother, Bobbie Louise Knuckles — is designed by Amina Galadima. 
It’s not who inspires us but what, a mood -- striving for bringing good moods and energy in these hectic times is inspiring. Bringing people peace, positivity, and beauty with candles that smell beautiful in bespoke vessels to create lovely moods inspire us.
Sacred Scents 44 is a woman owned and operated candle company. All of our candles are hand-poured in small batches using all-natural essential oils and the purest quality fragrances. I decided to create Sacred Scents 44 during my inner healing and self-love journey.
Our business started as a need to help one my child with skin issues and realized using natural products help maintain balance to my child skin
Metal smithed handcrafted small batch jewelry designed in sterling, brass, gold fill and semi-precious stones.
My products are all handmade using only the finest, all-natural Shea butter and other natural ingredients. I use ethically sourced Shea that comes from women's groups in northern Ghana.
At Brown Sage Designs we create comfortable and functional jewelry for both men and women. Our jewelry is made from a variety of crystals, glass and gemstone beads with silver and gold wire and chain. We carefully handcraft our pieces with a select group of people in mind; for those who want something out of the ordinary, yet easy to wear.
Popadelics Crunchy Mushroom Chips are shiitake mushrooms reimagined for the modern superfood snacker. A portion of all sales also supports the Fun-Gal Snacks Foundation, which supports health and wellness causes.
Oleology Soap is an all natural handcrafted artisan soap company located in Brooklyn. Our Artisan Soaps are made from scratch, using the timeless cold-processed soap making method. We choose high quality natural, vegan, parabens- free and animal cruelty-free ingredients from the best suppliers to ensure a hard, long lasting and cleansing bar of soap. Our soaps are a touch of nature and art.
My jewelry is predominantly made with recycled metals and other sustainable materials. Many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind.
POEMET is a unique brand of luxury silk scarves, established in 2021 by Michal Lifshitz, an Israeli designer based in NYC. POEMET's detailed patterns are a graphic interpretation of moving processes in the human body.
Inclusive Jewelry is a reminder that being yourself is beautiful. Our hand-drawn unique art jewelry is designed to inspire self-awareness and self-acceptance. Be proud of who you are and own it!
“BIODUN ABUDU” features items that tell a story starting from my art work/paintings i paint, t-shirts i create and design, my books that i wrote, photography, custom designs and more.
Astridland is a fun line of jewelry and handbags and fun one-of a kind gifts made from recycled materials handmade in NYC.
&HER makes sustainable, customizable, and fashionable bralettes and tank top in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY. We use American grown cotton, degradable spandex, and modal from wood pulp to create comfortable, great fitting, and cute tops. All garment are design, built, and produced in Brooklyn, NY. &HER is a proud member of Made in NY.
Madison + Green is an aromatherapy brand that creates unique, stress-relieving inhalers. To use, deeply inhale, then exhale. The soothing effect can be felt immediately. The inhaler jars are filled with aromatic herbs and spices, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, and essential oils, inspired by medicinal French aromatherapy.
I offer tarot and psychic readings and sell spiritual items such as tarot cards, journals, palo santo bouquet sticks, candles, incense, ritual kits, and mini altar kits among others. I make a lot of my own products.
We make fine jewelry that empowers women. Each piece is handmade in NYC from recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones
Sip & Savor BX is an Island inspired (Anguillan-Antiguan-Aruban) family-owned, Bronx based non-alcoholic beverage company with bursts of flavor.
OBdeC Studio®️ Handmade jewelry and accessories for women and men. A proposal designed for everyday wear. Produced in limited numbers.
All UltraRay products are made with organic, limited ingredients; we aim for our ingredients to be recognizable by the average customer. We make product in small batches in order to control stability and formulation, offering the best natural ingredients that have shown proven results.
We give old things new life and our zero waste policy from out interior design projects allows us to make statement jewelry that allows people to express themselves.
DeAndra Craigman Studios offers the ultimate sensory experience through our meticulously crafted line of artisanal candles. We understand that a candle is not just about the scent—it's about creating a multi-sensory oasis that indulges your senses. Our candles not only fill your space with captivating fragrances but also come with a curated playlist, carefully selected to enhance the ambiance and elevate your mood.
A mixed media artist in Brooklyn, I make art and home decor using corrugated cardboard, newspaper and magazines rescued from the recycle bin. The Verta Collection uses caps and lids foraged and rescued from the streets of NYC and transformed into small trays, pedestals and towers.
Bklynsaus is a Brooklyn-based, woman-owned hot sauce company making vegan and preservative-free hot sauces. The biggest aspect of our brand is community. Brooklyn is our home and this shines through in our mission. A portion of proceeds from bottles purchased go back to Brooklyn-based organizations that help the local community.
Grove 11 is a luxury candle and fine homefragrance brand. We specialize in wooden wick candles with unique fragrances and our signature print vessels.
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